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Phone (209) 599 8529
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Return Policy
Within 30 days from the date of purchase, if for any reason, you are not fully satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a refund or exchange. Items must be unused and returned with all garment tags.

NOTE: Items are not considered "unused" if one:

(1) Has laundered, dry cleaned or washed them in any manner.
(2) Has embroidered, screen printed, tailored or altered them in any manner from their original brand new state.
(3) Has worn them beyond trying them on to check for a proper fit.
(4) Has caused stain damage to them such as those caused by sweat, spilled liquids, ink, crayons, glue or anything else that can cause staining.

For items returned after 30 days from the date of purchase or returned used, we do not provide refunds or exchanges.

For returns, we will credit you back for the cost of the items purchased less shipping charges in the form of a refund.

How to Return or Exchange an item:
Step 1:
You may email us at In your email please give a brief description of the reason for your return, your order number, and billing zip code. This information is used to help us make your return as simple as possible. You may also call us with this information at 1-866-599-8529.
Step 2:
Once we have received your return information we will send a call tag to your email address.
Step 3:
Print and place the call tag on the outside of the box. You may either notify UPS to pick up your return or take your return to the nearest UPS center. Shipping is paid for. When we receive your return we will then credit you for your return.
Step 3 For exchanges:
Print and place the call tag on the outside of the box. You may either notify UPS to pick up your return or take your return to the nearest UPS center. Shipping is paid for.
We will send out the exchange items and we will charge your credit card again for the exchange.
Then when we receive your return we will issue a credit for these items

Please allow us up to 14 business days to process your return. During the Christmas season it can take slightly longer.
All returns and exchanges are subject to a 15% restocking fee

Order cancellation can only be made before shipment. Once shipment occurs, the return policy is in effect.

Damaged or Defective Merchandise, Shortages and Incorrect Merchandise Received:
All claims for shortages, damages, defects, price discrepancies, incorrect merchandise, etc. must be reported within 72 hours of receipt of goods.
Claims will not be accepted after this time. It is the customer's responsibility to count and inspect all merchandise before imprinting or washing to ensure it is the correct merchandise, correct quantity and in good condition as ordered.
Without exception, stitch-by-design will not assume responsibility after garments have been imprinted, embroidered, washed or embellished in any fashion.

Credit Card Purchase temporary authorization
A temporary authorization is a transaction that has been approved but has not yet been officially posted to your account. The value of the transaction has been deducted from your available credit line. Normally, a temporary authorization converts into a posted transaction. However, a temporary authorization may expire if the merchant does not complete the transaction.

A temporary authorization transaction is the result of a merchant testing to confirm that a credit card account is active and has credit available to accommodate transactions. This test creates a temporary authorization transaction that appears on the account. The temporary authorization transaction is not always equal to the actual amount charged, but rather it represents an anticipated amount the merchant uses until the actual charge is processed. The actual transaction amount will appear on the account once the merchants bank and all intermediary banks finish processing the transaction. The temporary authorization charge is removed from the account within 30 days after it first appears. In the meantime, all temporary authorization charges will temporarily reduce the accounts available line of credit by the anticipated amount.

If for some reason the actual charge is canceled and not processed, this temporary authorization will automatically be removed from your account 30 days after it first appears.

Temporary authorizations are requested by merchants in many forms. Some common examples of temporary authorizations are described below.

1. When you request reservations at a hotel, the hotel may place a temporary authorization on your credit card account for the amount you would be charged if you were to cancel your reservation without notice. As stated above, this anticipated charge will drop off within 30 days if not processed. Likewise, when you check in, the hotel may test your account for availability again, creating a temporary charge for an amount usually equivalent to a one-night stay. This temporary charge will remain on your account until you check out of the hotel, at which time the actual charges will be posted to your account and the temporary charges will be removed.

2. When you use your credit card at a gas station, a request for a temporary authorization for one (1) dollar is processed. If the request for one dollar is approved, you will be permitted to purchase the gasoline. Once the transaction is complete, the gasoline merchants bank will issue a request for payment to your credit card company. If the request is honored, the actual amount of your purchase will appear on your account as a posted transaction, and the temporary authorization for one dollar will be removed.

3. When you use your credit card at a department store, the merchant may swipe your card at checkout. This generates the request for charging authorization. If approved, the charge will appear on your account summary as a temporary authorization in whole dollars. For instance, if your actual purchase amount is $147.53, the temporary authorization may appear on your account for $148. Sometime after you leave the store with your purchases, the request will be sent to the merchants bank for payment. Again, the merchants bank will issue a request to your credit card company for payment in full. When the merchants bank receives payment, the temporary authorization for $148 will be removed and the actual purchase amount of $147.53 will be posted to your account.

These are just examples of some transactions that may generate temporary authorizations to your account. However, there are many other situations you may encounter that will require temporary authorizations to be placed on your credit card account. Rest assured that this is a common practice in the credit card industry.